Our Story

Five peas in a pod… we’re nuts about peas and beans. We are a group of pulse-loving friends with a passion for great tasting yet nourishing food who came together in our quest to create a new pulse based range of savoury snacks. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned and loved about food to create our pots of moreish goodness that are perfect for all-day grazing or sharing with friends and family.

We set out on our culinary journey searching for exciting flavour combinations that would work well with our naturally delicious and nutritious pulses to create a new breed of savoury Super Snacks. From street food vendors in Asia to spice markets in India and back to our own shores, our inspiration has come from near and far.
Our love for pulses also comes from something that many of the greatest food cultures have known of generations - pulses are as nutritious as they are delicious. We have taken inspiration from the street food vendors of Asia, Central America and the Middle East who roast, bake and toast their pulses, and have travelled the world in search of classic as well as tantalising flavour combinations. The result is the UK’s first, pulse based range of savoury snacks with British grown peas and beans at heart.

Our Inspiration

#We Love Pulses!@Love Pulses. They're so good that the United Nations has proclaimed 2016 the International Year of Pulses.

#LovePulses. Why Pulses?


Pulses are our culinary heroes. They are:

  • As delicious as they are nutritious
  • Deliciously and culturally diverse
  • Good for people and good for the planet

“They are high in protein, fibre and various vitamins, provide amino acids, and are increasingly becoming recognised as an excellent part of a healthy diet throughout the world. Pulse crops are one of the most sustainable crops a farmer can grow. It takes just 43 gallons of water to produce one pound of pulses, compared with 216 for soybeans and 368 for peanuts. They also contribute to soil quality by fixing nitrogen in the soil.” IYOP